Genome-Centric Multimodal Data Integration in Personalised Cardiovascular Medicine.


DataPower is a limited liability company founded in March 2021 acting globally as a fully independent strategic advisory firm, which works with data, both quantitative and qualitative, to model the real world and to support the impact assessment and evaluation of institutions, public administrations, and companies. DataPower effectively employs a wide array of quantitative – micro and macro modelling – and qualitative, technology foresight and road-mapping methodologies to support the formulation, validation and orientation of policies, of organisational strategies and investment plans.

DataPower develops quantitative evaluation and impact models for the private sector, establishing multi-level causal links, estimating impacts, effects, and externalities. This includes market research and policy-relevant assessment of business practices with potential impact on the level of consumer protection, including using mystery shopping, as well as behavioural studies.

DataPower supports Investment and Innovation and the construction of Technological Scenarios. Investment and innovation evaluation and impacts, ESG impacts, Innovation performance, Investment portfolios evaluation and optimisation. Technology monitoring and deployment scenarios.

On the basis of DataPower’s competences and experiences, it is entrusted with the setup and operation of NextGen communication strategy and to support ESCardio in the dissemination activity.

Specific tasks include the liaison with the technical and healthcare teams to define and implement the Communication strategy and approach, to set-up and operate communication channels and maintain an up-to-date register of communication channels and stakeholders. To establish and online presence through channels; Create a website and identity; Monitor online presence and website traffic using tools such as Google Analytics.