Genome-Centric Multimodal Data Integration in Personalised Cardiovascular Medicine.

HIRO Micro data centers

HIRO-MicroDataCenters develops Powerful Edge as a Service (PEaaS), an edge-cloud computing platform with additional services such as a dataspace, AI model management, all deployed on highly secure and reliable, energy efficient EdgeMicroDataCenter (EMDC’s). PEaaS enables organisations to process big data and AI processing on premise, while protecting your data, meta data, and AI models while they participate internally and externally in the data economy.
An on-premise mesh of Edge MicroDatacenters (EMDC’s) embedded in your edge will act as a highly interactive, scalable and context-driven infrastructure that self-heals, scales up and down, authenticates and authorises devices, users and tenants and detects and isolates anomaly behaviour at your Edge.

In the NextGen project, HIRO will drive the design and implementation of the health-data Data Space and an AI/Ml model management platform supporting advanced innovative clinical workflows within the hospital and across hospitals. The architecture and data space for distributed data storage and processing and remote collaboration, from data product development, data product sharing in a dataspace, using data-products, model training, down to validation and inferencing. HIRO will also analyse the requirements of pilots (WP5), dataspace and the various roles, other stakeholders, the other relevant dataspaces and platforms, and the capabilities of the infrastructure of the individual use cases. These activities will lead to the development of Data Oriented Architecture and the implementation of the NextGen Cardio-vascular disease DataSpace, including the Open-source software for secondary and tertiary genomic analysis acceleration.