Genome-Centric Multimodal Data Integration in Personalised Cardiovascular Medicine.

Human Colossus Foundation

The Human Colossus Foundation: For an Efficient & Do-No-Harm Driven Data Future
Established in 2020, the Human Colossus Foundation (HCF) is a Swiss-based, non-profit entity acting globally. Its mission is the cultivation and promotion of a data-agile, robust economy in a digitally transformed world, aptly termed the Dynamic Data Economy (DDE). HCF activities aim to build a safer Internet and digital ecosystems with the development of open standards aimed at enhancing online safety for all users. HCF’s approach is characterised by its platform-independent nature. HCF crafts innovative semantic and authentications models that ensure data isn’t tied to specific platforms, empowering users with greater data autonomy. To ensure fair and equitable data handling, HCF is also championing a distributed governance meta-model, advocating for balanced control in the data economy.
HCF’s operations are funded through various channels, including public and private grants, generous donations, and valuable project mandates.

HCF leads the WP1 “Data Management” whose objectives are to
– define and document NextGen multi-jurisdiction Data Integration Framework (DIF)
– coordinate the technology to enhance data interoperability and discoverability by implementing advanced search mechanisms and monitoring data lifecycle and cross-platform compatibility
– develop advanced semantic tooling for data and standard integration, align with and support ongoing international initiatives, especially the European Health Data Space (EHDS).
HCF’s role extends beyond WP1, as they actively collaborate with WP2 and WP3 for infrastructure development and with WP4,5,6,7 & 8 for regulatory compliance and compatibility with external projects.