Genome-Centric Multimodal Data Integration in Personalised Cardiovascular Medicine.

HUS Helsinki University Hospital

HUS Helsinki University Hospital is Finland’s largest health care services provider, and second largest employer with 25 000 professionals. HUS produces services for more than 1.6 million residents of 24 member municipalities. In addition, the treatment of many rare, severe and demanding diseases is nationally centralized to HUS. As an active research and teaching university hospital, we continuously develop and evaluate our treatment methods and activities in cooperation with the University of Helsinki. Our expertise is internationally well-recognized and accredited.

In the NextGen consortium, HUS participates together with other atherosclerosis biobanks to develop Pathfinder, a pilot data ecosystem demonstrating NextGen innovations in data management, data governance, cataloguing, computing, advanced data integration, and interoperability capacities. The Helsinki Carotid Endarterectomy Studies (HeCES) cover four decades with detailed clinical information and multiomic data on the patients and endarterectomized carotid atherosclerotic plaques, including plaque histology, imaging of brain and carotid arteries, genomics and proteomics, and over 10-year clinical follow-up of the patient cohorts.