Genome-Centric Multimodal Data Integration in Personalised Cardiovascular Medicine.

LiKe Healthcare Research

LiKe Healthcare Research GmbH is a German research institute specializing in healthcare research on structures and services in the healthcare system. A particular focus within healthcare research is the evaluation of complex interventions, especially interdisciplinary and mostly cross-sectoral care programs. Many new interventions are increasingly supplemented by digital solutions such as apps, wearables, and AI-based algorithms. Next to process efficiency and cost-effectiveness, LiKe also analyzes acceptance and usability among healthcare professionals and patients. Overall, the multidisciplinary team at LiKe Healthcare Research GmbH accompanies various research projects in health services research and evaluation such as outcome evaluation, health economic evaluation and process evaluation. The international approach of LiKe Healthcare Research GmbH helps to strengthen and expand partnerships at different levels of the healthcare system by implementing the right projects for the right reasons, in the right way and with the right focus.